The History Of Gainsight AI

The History Of Gainsight AI

Abigail Spear 2 min

In less than a year, generative AI has radically transformed the way we work, learn, and interact. This is especially true in the world of business, where gen AI has revolutionized the way we develop and work with software. 

Users have an expectation in today’s Customer Success Management Platform market that their vendor will have gen AI built into their platform in a meaningful way, but many vendors simply lack maturity with AI. And, while an iframe over ChatGPT is better than nothing, these basic solutions lack the data privacy and analytics power of a robust AI engine that crunches real customer data.

 Enter Gainsight AI. 

What’s Gainsight AI? 

Gainsight AI is Gainsight’s integrated artificial intelligence. It’s the most advanced, first-to-market AI solution for CS. It’s your CSM’s co-pilot, your data analytics superhero, and so much more. 

Let’s dig into the history of how Gainsight AI came to be, what problems it currently solves, and the new features we’re introducing to help Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work more efficiently and effectively. 

Launching Gainsight AI

Gainsight officially launched Gainsight AI in Nov 2021. Why? We wanted to continue helping our customers improve their operations, uncover new opportunities, and drive Net Revenue Retention (NRR).  

Ultimately, we were looking for ways to improve efficiency and deliver more intelligent insights on customer experience and revenue opportunities. We knew we could gain unbelievably powerful insights from customer data, but needed to push the bounds of technology at the time. Our early investment in AI-powered solutions led to features including:

  • Sally, our first bot to assist customers.

  • Text Analytics (formerly CX Center), which synthesizes trends in a high volume of survey data to help Customer Success Managers (CSMs) understand the key drivers behind customer sentiment and Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

  • Renewal Center, powered by churn-prediction algorithms to help CSMs win every renewal. 

  • Adoption Explorer uses AI to help CSMs figure out how clients are using their product.

With these AI-powered features, Gainsight AI was born. And we’re just getting started.  Generative AI poses enormous potential to give CSMs their time back, help them work more efficiently and focus on high-value strategic tasks. 

At Pulse San Fransisco, Karl Rumelhart, President, Products, Technology, and Global Operations at Gainsight, remarked “Gainsight AI has been a part of Gainsight’s technology for some time, but generative AI is the next frontier. At Gainsight, we’re all in on generative AI.” 

The Next Generation of Gainsight AI: Gen AI

2023 brought a wave of new AI innovations to the market and Gainsight was part of this wave. We’ve doubled down on Gainsight AI, developing new features with generative technology.

The new generative-AI-powered features in Gainsight CS are designed to help CSMs work more easily and efficiently, including: 

  • Cheat Sheet: A comprehensive overview of all crucial customer aspects for managers, executives, pooled CS teams, and non-CS teams.

  • Takeaways: AI-generated summaries of all customer feedback.

  • Meeting Assist: Generate timeline entries from meeting transcripts, extract action items, and draft follow-up customer emails.

We believe everyone can benefit from generative AI. CSMs can use AI as a co-pilot, offloading drudgerous tasks and gaining guidance. Leaders can identify trends within their customer base to make more strategic decisions. And customers enjoy an improved digital experience with a smarter self-service engine.

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements on gen AI features that will help you work smarter, scale faster, and drive more success.

Learn More 

Learn more about Gainsight’s products and our latest Generative AI capabilities.

Abigail Spear 2 min

The History Of Gainsight AI

Uncover how Gainsight AI transforms Customer Success with cutting-edge features like Sally and Text Analytics. Stay ahead with Gen AI capabilities.

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