Generative AI is Here. Experience the Future of Customer Success

Generative AI is Here. Experience the Future of Customer Success

Tori Jeffcoat 3 min

Gainsight has always been a leader in the industry, from being the first to establish Customer Success itself, to evolving with changing customer needs, to riding the new wave of artificial intelligence in SaaS. And, while we’ve been leading in AI since first announcing Horizon AI in 2021, we’ve been hard at work making AI more meaningful and using the latest Generative AI technologies to add more value to our customers’ day-to-day needs.

That’s why we’ve combined AI-powered productivity with customer success, delivering the first of many powerful new ways to improve your day-to-day workflows while accelerating more meaningful customer insights. Introducing: Meeting Assist, Takeaways, and Customer Cheat Sheet.

Meeting Assist

With Meeting Assist, you can instantly skip the mundane and time-consuming tasks of taking (hopefully understandable) notes during your customer calls, then transcribing those notes into Gainsight CS. In fact, Meeting Assist will automatically generate an AI-powered summary of your calls, AND create recommended follow-up actions as well as pre-identify risks and issues presented during the call. But the productivity power doesn’t stop there. Those recommended actions can instantly be converted into a Task with a click, while still giving you the power to change assigned teammates, alter the task description, and set a due date from the same window. And your overall summary can instantly be added to Timeline, increasing the depth of your Timeline entries while capturing even more critical customer information. This functionality is available today for calls, with future integrations on the immediate roadmap. 

Customer Cheat Sheet

As you add more content to Timeline with Meeting Assist, you can get even more from the next Horizon AI release—Customer Cheat Sheet. Much as the name implies, with Cheat Sheet you can get a quick look at your customer’s key data points, including an overall summary recap, renewal discussion insights, strategic priorities, key projects, and more surfaced from all the customer data in your Timeline. It’s now easier than ever to catch up on newly assigned customers, clue in an executive to critical customer data ahead of a customer call, or just refresh your memory on the biggest talking points ahead of customer conversations.


Last but not least—Takeaways. Available in the Text Analytics section of Gainsight CS, Takeaways provides an aggregated summary of recurring customer feedback and opinions, automatically searching and summarizing customer insights from survey responses as well as Timeline entries. These customer takeaways are then categorized into key themes, while deep linking to specific responses and posts to help you drill into why and when certain sentiments are surfacing. The best part, with summaries of both the positive and negative sentiment around each theme your team can more quickly understand where gaps exist across the customer experience and focus efforts on addressing these customer needs.

What Sets Horizon AI Apart: Trust

Having generative AI features doesn’t mean much when it isn’t accompanied by trust. That’s why Gainsight has been rigorously testing our features to ensure the veracity and accuracy of all outputs, in addition to adhering to the highest security and privacy standards you know and expect from Gainsight. In fact, we’ve put the power and transparency of AI in our Administrators’ hands with the option to toggle generative AI features on and off as desired. 

According to Salesforce, 68% of workers surveyed say generative AI will help them better serve their customers. Gainsight is making this a reality with new ways to unlock productivity gains and unleash the power of Horizon AI in customer success. And, stay tuned for even more AI enhancements just on the horizon (pun intended). 

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Learn more about Gainsight’s products and our latest Generative AI capabilities.

Tori Jeffcoat 3 min

Generative AI is Here. Experience the Future of Customer Success

Gainsight is the leader when it come to integrating AI with customer success. Learn more about it's latest tool for enhancing productivity and improving customer insights in this article.

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