Gainsight AI Features: Customer Webinar Recap

Gainsight AI Features: Customer Webinar Recap

Tori Jeffcoat 6 min

Just two short weeks ago, we launched three exciting new Generative AI features - Meeting Assist, Cheat Sheet, and Takeaways - and we’ve seen tremendous excitement and energy around these features. In fact, we’ve already had over 320 flip the switch to toggle on generative AI! 


Yesterday, we hosted a customer-focused webinar walking through each new feature and giving a brief demo of the new functionality. @ChiragJ and @AshutoshSingh walked us through how to toggle on each feature, where to find this new functionality, and key tips for getting the most of each feature. @slee then walked us through more information on our free trial for these features and how to upgrade. If you missed it, no sweat - catch the full recording here!


Horizon AI Customer Webinar Recording 


We had tremendous interest in the webinar (over 1,300 registrations!) and fantastic questions submitted live (over 130 questions!) - and want to first thank everyone for such active participation! To provide the best answers for customers, we’ve captured the most commonly asked questions below. We also highly recommend checking out our support documentation for specific technical questions.


Webinar Q&A

Q: How do I activate these features, and what are the technical requirements to do so?

A: To provide enhanced security and transparency, these features are toggled off by default. To activate these features, your Administrator will need to enable each feature under Administration > Horizon AI Settings. This includes anyone who is part of the default full-access bundle (DEFAULT_BUNDLE), however it can also be included in custom bundles for more precise control.


Q: Where do I find each feature once activated?

A: For Cheat Sheet, you will need to add the widget from the C360 page. Only Timeline entries are supported and required to generate Cheat Sheet. For Meeting Assist, this feature is currently only available for meetings conducted through Please reauthorize the Gong connection prior to turning the toggle on to make certain there are no authorization issues with enabling. For Takeaways, this feature is accessible through Text Analytics once the feature toggle is turned on. Please note only surveys are supported unless you have purchased Advanced Text Analytics (Surveys + Timeline).


Q: Are these features secure, as well as HIPAA compliant, and is there documentation of this data security?

A: The Gainsight platform, including our Generative AI features, complies with the HIPAA security rule, and this compliance is audited annually in our SOC2 Type II report. Summary copies of the current report are available upon request, as well as documentation around the Data Privacy Impact Assessment completed for our AI features. Additionally, Gainsight has entered into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Microsoft, Inc., the vendor who assists in delivering these Generative AI features, to further protect our customers. Contact your Gainsight representative for access to this documentation.


Q: Can these features be enabled in a sandbox, to test?

A: Currently, all three features must be enabled on a live instance and a sandbox is not available. This is due to the data needs for each feature, to process and provide valid outputs, and the technical requirements in place. Administrators will however have the power to activate one feature at a time and roll out these features out programmatically to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, for Cheat Sheet, if you would like to limit this feature to certain users before extending to your teams simply create a custom layout in C360 that has Cheat Sheet, test, then add the widget to existing layouts.


Q: Meeting Assist is only for at this time - when will other meeting tools like Zoom, MS Teams be added?

A: We have a robust roadmap to roll out additional integrations into our Meeting Assist feature, and will be able to offer support for additional providers in the very near future. We are collecting feedback from customers on their most commonly used tools in order to best prioritize the most prevalent providers in our roadmap.


Q: For Cheat Sheet, what data is pulled in and from what timeframe?

A: Cheat Sheet will analyze and summarize the last 6 months of data from all Timeline entries (regardless of quantity of entries). This includes key customer activities such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, Emails, Milestones, and note-taking during or after a customer interactions. Any data input into the Timeline through these areas will be captured and used to generate the customer summary content. If a new entry is added, the Cheat Sheet will require a quick refresh then will automatically add in any new entries. Currently, Cheat Sheet only analyzes Timeline data, but additional data sources are on our near term roadmap. 


Q: Am I able to edit Cheat Sheet entries if desired?

A: At this time, the generated summary data is not editable in the Cheat Sheet widget. However, you may leave notes to add clarity or context on any summarized outputs, add a thumbs up or down on any entry to help indicate its usefulness or validity, or edit existing Timeline entries to alter data then refresh the Cheat Sheet to incorporate. If emailing a Cheat Sheet, you can edit your email to include additional context or update generated content.


Q: For Takeaways, what data does it analyze and how does it calculate sentiment?

A: Takeaways will provide key opinions and highlights based on all Survey (and Timeline if you have Advanced Text Analytics) data in Gainsight CS. Data is analyzed and frequently expressed similar opinions are extracted to create each key opinion, refreshed every four hours, with sentiment being analyzed based both on keyword and on overall sentiment for each post/comment.


Q: For Meeting Assist, are multiple languages supported?

A: For Meeting Assist, if call transcripts are provided in a language other than English, these transcripts will also be summarized in English provided Generative AI is capable of performing the translation based on the language input.


Q: I just turned on these features - how long will it be before I can use them?

A: Administrators will receive a notification when a new AI feature is toggled on and when it is ready for use. Features such as Cheat Sheet, depending on the quantity of customers and Timeline entries, may take up to 7 business days or so on first activation but will take mere minutes to refresh your data after initial generation. For Takeaways, it may take up to 72 hours for initial processing.


Q: How do I add these features permanently, beyond the free trial?

A: All three Generative AI features will be free for all users with unlimited access and usage through the end of our trial period, ending January 31, 2024. Upgrading your package is on a per seat basis, and can be done by simply reaching out to your Gainsight representative who can share more specific pricing for your account. 



>>> Have more questions on Meeting Assist, Takeaways or Cheat Sheet? Drop them in the comments and our team will get back to you here!

Tori Jeffcoat 6 min

Gainsight AI Features: Customer Webinar Recap

Gainsight AI features have shown high engagement and utility for customer-facing teams. Learn more about what is avaialable to customers and how to get started in this webinar recording.

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